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Just A Little Bit About Two-Bits......
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     Hi! My chat handle at Fantassia's Palace is "Two-Bits" (formerly known as "Cinn's Missy.")  I also like to chat at TG Chat using the handle of "Sneak Peke". My first name really is Melissa. I'm an 12-year old girl who lives in Michigan with my family. I'm in the sixth grade at school this year.
     I love cats and horses as well as other kinds of animals. I have one cat at home named "Prince" and we have 2 dogs:  Alex, our Australian Cattle dog that we've had ever since I was just a little kid and Congo, my brother's Pekingese that my dad calls a dust mop because of all his hair!
     I like to read all kinds of books but especially mysteries and dramas. I like playing video games, especially Pokémon! (That's one reason why I use the nickname of Pikachu on ICQ for my handle there!)

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Photos of Melissa

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     I enjoy listening to different kinds of music. I definitely like the music of Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, 'N Sync, and Britney Spears.
     My mom uses the handle of "Cinnaminn" or "Cinn" and you may have already met her if you've been visiting/chatting at Fantassia's Palace. Since my 14-year old brother ("RavenWolf" or Michael) and I like to chat online with friends at Fantassia's, my mom got each of us our own gold star membership for us to use there when she got one for herself.
     My dad doesn't chat online much but if you would like to visit his homepage that he's been working on, you can look here to see what he's doing with his own web page.
     I also have an older sister who goes by the handle of "TazDevil" when she's online so you can visit her web page.
     I finally managed to get my mom to help me get some pages done up for my very own website plus my bio page here!!!!! Now I just have to figure out what else I want to have on these pages!

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